System Requirements

Amnesia is a web based application that uses a Java backend to implement the data anonymization algorithm. It runs both in Windows and Linux and requires Java version 8 or greater.


version: 1.0.7 (release date: 21/02/2019). Changes :

  • Wizard for numeric ranges has been updated.
  • Upgraded scalability capabilities (Bigger files, can now be uploaded).
  • GitHub
  • Source Code

  • Installation Guide

  • Windows
  • Download the version of msi executable (64-bit or 32-bit), which matches your Windows version. When you are prompted with a security please allow the application to install itself. The installer will install a http server that will be accessible locally by the the application interface. Firewall access must be provided.

  • Linux
  • There is no need for installation in Linux, just download the version which matches your Linux version (64-bit or 32-bit). Extract the contents and run the "Amnesia.jar".

    Sample Datasets