High accuracy Data Anonymization.

Perform research and share your results that satisfy GDPR guidelines
by using data anonymization algorithms.

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Guarantees exceptional results in the field of Privacy Preserving Data Publishing.

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Unlock sensitive data analysis

Use Amnesia to transform personal data to anonymous data that can be used for statistical analysis. Data anonymized with Amnesia are *statistically guaranteed* that they cannot be linked to the original data.

  • Guarantees no links to the original data
  • Offers k-anonymity & km-anonynity
  • Allows minimal reduction of information quality
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Become GDPR compliant

Create anonymous datasets from personal data that are treated as statistics by GDPR. Anonymous data can be used without the need for consent or other GDPR restrictions, greatly reducing the effort needed to extract value from them.

  • Guarantees anonymity
  • Goes beyond pseudo-anonymization
  • Anonymized data are not constrained by GDPR
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High Usability & Flexibility

Anonymization tailored to user needs through a graphical interface. Guide the algorithm and decide trade-offs with simple visual choices. Developers can incorporate Amnesia anonymization engine to their project through a ReST API.

  • Easy usage interface
  • Adjustable settings
  • Visualization of anonymization choices

How it works

Get anonymous data in 3 steps


Insert your data

Amnesia accepts complex object relational data in delimited text files.


Select and Preview the data to anonymize

Visual representations of anonymization parameters and results allow non-expert users to tailor the anonymization process to their needs.


Download your data anonymized

The process is completed without any sensitive data leaving your premises!

Use Cases


Health data for COVID-19 demand anonymization since they contain sensitive personal patients information. Amnesia for Covid-19 is a use case developed for demonstration purposes during the European Commission's EUvsVirus Hackathon.

Become GDPR compliant

Amnesia is used in various training courses in data privacy, including the Masters on Business Analytics of AUEB.

High Usability & Flexibility

Amnesia was used in the EU "My Health My Data" project, to support an ecosystem for safely exchanging medical data. Data included personal details and ICD10 and ICD9 codes for diagnoses. More details here.

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Service Updates


September 25, 2023

  • Fixed phrasal expressions.

  • Fixed bug in Information Loss.

  • Fixed bug in dataset loading procedure.

  • Changed programming code in Flash algorithm.

  • Save and Load Hierarchies with JSON files.


December 2023

  • Anonymization with Differential Privacy.